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Real school is back on the 9th of September

Kia ora koutou.

Well it looks like 'real' school is back on Thursday! :-)

This is covered in more detail in a previous post.

School Bubbles (Tuesday and Wednesday this week)

We can make a small increase to our "School Bubbles" on Wednesday so we will ask families who are desperate (AND who have no other option) to let the office know if they need to send children on Wednesday. Send an email to if you fit this bracket. We will be in contact IF we can accommodate your child.

Mask use

Students will not be required to wear a mask. Parents coming onto site are welcome to wear a mask, and we ask everyone to respect people's rights around this.


Please be aware of this and act respectfully. There may be some anxiety around this and some people will not want you to get into their space when doing the pick up and drop off. Distancing is different for students and teachers in school. See the previous post.

Contact tracing

Please use the NZ COVID App for contact tracing purposes and NOTE that each school building has a specific poster to contact trace for any building that you enter in the school. Scan the app every time you come onto the site (and most importantly scan at the classroom block).

If you don’t have the NZ COVID App, we strongly urge you not to come on site. However, there will be a paper contact tracing form outside the front office - complete this if you must come onto the site and do not have the Covid Tracer App.

Please review the previous post for more details on matters shared here.

Looking forward to catching up with many of you on Thursday! :-)


Isaac Day - Tumuaki

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