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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to our wonderful school.  We are a school of around 350 students nestled in the valleys between Stoke and Nelson.  Our school provides quality education and learning for students aged between 5 and 11 years, as well as a variety of other sporting and cultural experiences which we hope will enrich their lives further.


We are extremely proud to serve an incredible community who cares deeply for their students and their learning.  We welcome new families to come and see what we can offer you and your child and how we can become part of their learning and lives.  We offer a rich and varied curriculum which focuses on our essential learning areas including, literacy, numeracy, science, creativity, health and physical education.

You can learn more about these things by exploring the links under 'About Us' (in the above menu). 


We look forward to sharing, learning and growing with you as we all grow together.




Isaac Day

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