Throughout the school year we have a variety of school sporting events such as Swimming Sports, Cross Country, Athletics, SwimMagic and tournaments.
The links for the events we are currently planning are below.
For any questions related to school sport please email our Head of Sport teacher, Kirsten Shinn at:
Cross Country 2020
Unfortunitely, due to the restrictions of Covid-19 we have had to cancel the Cross country for this year.  We will endevour to arrange something for the children so they don't miss out but this will be on the school grounds.
This also applies to Inter-school Cross Country as well
The new Enner Glynn Sports shirts are now available to order, please follow the attached
link to order these shirts:
Here's some general information:
  • Please check the sizing guide on the website to ensure that you order the correct size for your child.  (All shirt brands are different so please check carefully)
  • Ordering for these shirts will be open in the first 4 weeks of each term to ensure that you receive the shirts before the terms end.
  • Orders will be delivered to the school office and we will distribute to your child.
  • I have 1 sample of the shirts in the office if you would like to have a look at it.
  • We will not be keeping any of these shirts in stock at school and shirts can only be ordered from this website, not for the office as in previous years.




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