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Next update - I am sure there will be plenty more! :-)

Dear Enner Glynn Community.

Kia ora koutou. It appears there are going to be more and more of these each week! I am sorry if it is clogging up your inbox or phone apps. We are at the early stages of this outbreak in Nelson and it is likely to spread quickly. We are aware of three current positive cases in our school community, but we also have a number of others testing or isolating because they have been deemed as close contacts by other groups and organisations. There may be a number of other unknown cases. We expect that this will cause significant disruption in the coming weeks as the spread moves to adults (including staff). We will keep you regularly updated and also remind you to ensure you have done your family’s risk evaluation. This will help your whanau to determine the best response for your own safety.

Key points:

  • Current cases in the community - expect more

  • Isolation and return to school

  • Whanau risk assessment

  • Hybrid learning

  • Devices going home

  • Mask wearing

  • Worst case scenario

Please read the full update here



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