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Omicron - update #6

Kia ora koutou.

First, again my apologies for the Room 12 and Room 5 Whanau receiving the whole school message in error yesterday. A quick explanation is that there is a foible in our system, that when you make a change to the message, it defaults back to ALL contacts (Argh!). I have asked our provider to look into this and see if it can be rectified. There was a lot of pressure to get information out in time due to informal announcements about mask use and ensuring we were advising correctly (always difficult when the information keeps changing). Again I am sorry for the difficulty this caused many of you.

Today’s message has some information that I hope will help all of you, those currently isolating, and those who are likely to be affected in the next month or so.

Key points:

  • Updates on contact assessment (Mask wearing)

  • When should I inform the school of a positive test result

  • Isolation and return to school

Read the full notice here

Thanks everyone - take care.


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