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Wooohooo! Friday's Story!

DISCLAIMER: There is a witch in this book.

I love this story! It has a nice message about how if you help people, they will help you when you most need them! A good message for us all in today's uncertain times.

This will be the last story for a while as I have been back at school for a while now. If I get some time next week, I will try and post more stories then... I might even have to sneak into the library when Mrs Wills isn't looking! ;-)

Enjoy your weekend.


Mr Day

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Isaac Day
Isaac Day
Apr 28, 2020

Thanks so much Skye and Kaylin. I am pleased that you are enjoying them. Keep up the hard work, you are doing brilliantly! Thanks Angela for supporting with the learning, we are thrilled with how supportive our community has been through this. :-)


Angela Middlebrook
Angela Middlebrook
Apr 26, 2020

hi Mr Day i'm really loving your story's and i think they are super cool :-)

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