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Principal Update Week 8 - 2024

Kia ora koutou.

I hope this message find you all well and not too wet after that last few weeks of rain. It has been interesting watching the students adjust to the wet weather and being required to spend more time indoors over break times. We have been very fortunate to not have had too many days like this during the year, but as always, change can be a bit challenging for us all from time to time! :-)

Better Start Literacy Data - Tu Atea Learning Team

The observant among you will have read my earlier post about how we have worked over the last number of years on structured approaches to teaching. In doing this we are working to improve our deliberate and explicit instruction on key areas of learning. We are seeing some very good results across our school, and one I would like to share with you today is the Tu Atea learning team's successful reading instruction over the year to date.

The graphs below shows the reading progress of the sixty-nine students in Tu Atea (Rms 4, 5 and 6). The first graph show the results of the team's initial testing. In this graph 62% of students were achieving at expected levels. Across Tu Atea, 18% of students were being closely supported (The group represented in orange in the graph) and 20% were receiving additional instruction (the group in red). This is what we term a Tier 2 intervention). As you can see form the second graph, over ten weeks of teaching the students made significant gains and we reduced the needs of those requiring additional instruction to 11.5% (8 students), down from 37.7% (26 students). This is an amazing shift of 18 students. We are very pleased with these gains!

Student absence for overseas trips (visiting whanau or other reasons)

A number of our ex-pat community (understandably) like to head home to visit whanau and these trips across the globe often require students to be absent from school for long periods. We support a family's wish to be together, but with the interest in school attendance hitting a high, this can make things somewhat difficult given the public sharing of data of school attendance. While we have high attendance levels in our school (and are nearly meeting the Government targets), we always aim to do better. For this reason, and our desire to support student learning, we ask whanau to work to ensure any overseas travel is arranged with minimal impact on a child's attendance at school.

If you are planing on being away for an extended time, please let us know - but be aware that we may have to withdraw the student from the roll. This means you will be required to re-enrol your child upon your return to school. This may be tricky if you live out of our school zone!

Mā te wā.

Isaac Day


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