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Principal Update - Week 8, Term 2 - 2022

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Kia ora koutou.

What a wet few weeks we have had. It is nice to see the sun back, which makes the frosty mornings a little easier to enjoy! On the health and wellness front, it seems like seasonal ‘colds and flu’ have well and truly taken over from Covid-19 in our school. This week we have only had a handful away isolating or with Covid-19, while we have had large numbers away sick due to other reasons. We will keep an eye out on things here, but again we thank you for your support and patience over this time as we manage high levels of staff sickness too. We are very happy to have been able to keep the school open over this time.

The Winter ‘bugs’ situation

Reporting absences

Please remember to give us the reason for your child’s absence when reporting this. This helps us keep track of what is going on and whether we need to notify whanau if there is an issue in a class with the spread of ‘bugs’.

Keep looking after yourselves

With the increasing spread of the Winter bugs (being of much higher prevalence than Covid-19 in our school) it is probably important to remind everyone that there are some things we can go to reduce the spread and look after ourselves. The first is to stay away if sick, and also to ensure to do take time to recover. There is some emerging knowledge around the matter of being infected with another virus post-Covid, and how this can really know people around. So please take care and look after yourselves.

Staff Only Day - 16th September

In order to work on our school reporting structures, it has been necessary to build another Staff Only Day into our school year. We have decided to use Friday the 16th of September for this and have extended our school year by a day. We hope that by then, we will have got over most of the seasonal sickness currently affecting our operation and that we can have a full complement of staff to get this mahi well underway. We realise this is inconvenient for our whanau, but we will really need this day to support us to achieve a significant goal for this year. Again, we thank you for your patience as we work through this. Our updated term dates are here.

Nayland College Matariki Celebration

On Tuesday the 28th of June from 5pm there will be a Matariki celebration at Nayland College. There will be food stalls and some performances. For full details click this link:

Board Elections

This is happening this year, please look out for the notices/emails detailing the process and how to vote.


We wish to thank all of our whanau who have supported us as we attempt to get back to ‘normal’ with school events, trips and other learning activities that we need whanau support with. Without your help and support, it becomes difficult to provide some of these opportunities. This will take some getting used to from everyone, but we are so pleased to be able to get back into the swing of things.

Coming up:

June 24th - Matariki Day Holiday

June 30th - Board Meeting

July 8th - School Term Ends at 3pm

Please have a wonderful fortnight.


Isaac Day


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