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Are we up to #5 already?

Yes we are! Today I have a great story about Hieronymus Betts and His Unusual Pets. This is a fun story with a nice message. Remember to be kind to everyone in your 'bubble' and keep up all the wonderful learning from home that you are doing.

Today's activity is to come up with your own unusual pet, and give it a name. Try to combine two creatures you know. You don't have to draw it, just imagine what it is, what it looks like, and what you are going to call it. I would love some pictures, but that it up to you.

Do you have a favourite pet from the book? Mine is 'Cuddles the Porcupython' because I think that it is a funny name for a 'constrictor', and I would NOT like a cuddle from it! :-)

Have fun.

Mr Day

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Which jogged a memory I had as a child imagining up an unusual character too. And I still had the picture!


Theo's creature, it's invisible, except for it's feet. It has a shark head, a rhino horn, pterodactyl wings, raptor arms/claws, a T-Rex body, an Ankylosaurus tail and spikes all over its body.


Angela Middlebrook
Angela Middlebrook
Apr 23, 2020

my unusual pet is a springtailedspikeyblockbackdragon (i don't really know what it's crossed with i just thought of the name) :-)

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