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Lunchtime at EGS

As you can see from the video below, we generally have pretty happy kids here at Enner Glynn School. There can be times when the kids do get a little bit down or upset or come across a situation that they don't know quite how to handle. If you hear of someting before we do, encourage your child to speak to their teacher, or to Mr Day the principal who is always out on duty too. We try to support the students through these difficulties and give them ways to deal with the situation which don't involve blame or accusation, but instead focus on what we can do to make it right - and build (or re-build) relationships with others. If, as a parent, you have concern yourself, please speak to your child's teacher and seek their support first and foremost. We do have policies on complaints and bullying, and will follow these should here be any difficulties.

Remember that we all have a responsibility to support our child's happiness and welfare, and if we work together and communicate difficulties to the appropriate source, we can find ways to support the children and teach them that the world is a happy place. Look within, avoid blame and share our success!

... and most importantly, learn to have fun (never at the espense of other's fun)!

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