Our Purpose

Our purpose is outlined in our school's logo 'Growing People - Nga Tangata Whakatupuranga'.  Our logo is made up of three main parts, which are outlined below.


The Cabbage Tree - Ti kouka

The cabbage tree (ti kouka) has been associated with our School since its opening. The cabbage tree has long provided food, clothing and shelter for the people of Aotearoa. It has also been harvested for its medicinal properties.  For us at Enner Glynn School the cabbage tree symbolises growth, strength and our future. 


The People - Nga Tangata

The people who make up the trunk of the cabbage tree represent our community, our parents, staff and our students. The people symbolise the fact that we all need to work together to support the growth of our children.  With the support of the adults around them, the child have the strength to reach their potential.  The colours of the people represent diversity and our School’s Learning Lenses.


The Valley - Awaawa

The valley shows our School’s location.  We are nestled in a small valley in between the suburban hills of Stoke and Nelson.  The valley represents the land (Whenua), which is where the tree gets its nourishment, this symbolises the importance of the environment for supporting growth. For us, this means that a safe, nurturing and happy environment is vital in growing our learners.

Our Vision

Our Vision is fairly straightforward - we plan to see a school of 'Amazing People' (Te Tangata Whakahirhira), which is an 'Inspiring Place' (Te Wahi Whakaara), full of 'Active Learning' (Te Ako Kakama) with an awesome future (Tihei Mauri Ora) for all of our people and this place.


Amazing People - Te Tangata Whakahirahira

This is not just about our children, this is about us as a staff and our organisation as much as it is about our parents and our community.  Our people are amazing and we care deeply for them all.  As a school, we ask that we all see in each other the amazing things first.  We all want our amazing people to work together for the benefit of our children.


Inspiring Place - Te Wahi Whakaara

We see and continue to build a place where we are all inspired to learn every day.  Inspiration comes from the place, but it also comes from within us all if we are in a place where inspiration is all around us.  We should take inspiration from each other, our community, staff, parents and students as we learn and grow a place where learning is at the forefront.


Active Learning - Te Ako Kakama

We all need to take an active part in our learning.  Without this we don't have the ability to know about our own learning and learn for ourselves.  We call this 'agency' and it can be seen in our learning in literacy and numeracy, but also in our science and health learning.  Even in our engaging discovery learning times we should be developing the skills and ability to take an active role in our own learning.


Awesome Future - Tihei Mauri Ora

What more can we say?  We want a future for our children, our community, our parents, our staff and our school that is awesome.  Every day should fill us with awe as we look at - and engage in - an ever-changing world.

© 2018 by Enner Glynn School.

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