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The final story (for now...). :-D

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I really hope you have enjoyed these. Readership had declined in the last few weeks which shows that the novelty of learning from home is wearing -or has worn- off! :-D

This is quite a special story - although I would love to see a version where the light house keeper is Mrs Grinling!! I also feel a bit sorry for Hamish the cat. The activity (if you choose to do it) means that you will have to talk and plan with your whanau about delivering them a lunch in an ingenious way. It is easier if they are at home, but that may not be the case (but you may still be able to do it in the weekend!!).

As for school starting, no one really knows what the decision will be next week, but we are looking forward to getting close learning happening again as soon as possible. We will get information out to families as soon as we can, however NO DECISION has been made yet. We will plan to start on the 18th of May, but will confirm next week. In the meantime we will be 'bubbling' as usual next week with very limited capacity to extend these.

There is unlikely to be any school (Bubbles or otherwise) next Friday as we set things up for the following week.

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