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Principal update for Week 5 of Term 4 (2020)

Tena koutou katoa! Here is the update for this week. Some messages are repeated so we can get these through to everyone. :-)

Foremost is class placements... please make sure you understand this message and the reasons why we cannot make changes once these are finalised. I have contacted so many families about this and it has taken a lot of time to get to this stage. It is unfair to move students because someone -for some reason- is not coping with the placement given. There is a significant knock on effect, and if we entertain any further requests, we will be back at square one! This is not possible because then we would need to announce classroom changes to families AGAIN! It is hard enough doing this once, let alone twice. :-)

Here is the breakdown for those who like to skip through... :-)

1min - 1min 41sec (My Intro)

1min 42sec - 2min 16sec (Junior swimming and last week's award winners)

2min 17sec - 2min 41sec (More from me)

2min 42sec - 3min 29sec (Wet day lunchtimes)

3min 30sec - END (Final Messages and Reminders)


Isaac Day


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