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Principal Update for Week 3, Term 4 - 2021

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Kia ora koutou

Today's messages are around:

Vaccine mandates - if you don't watch then please just know that the BoT and I have things in hand here, and we will ensure all are kept safe in accordance with these orders. ALSO please note that parents coming onto site do not need to be vaccinated or show a vaccine 'passport' (I have had questions about this). We DO ask that unvaccinated parents ensure they are acting safely around our kids and suggest mask wearing may be an appropriate way to do this. Any parent volunteers for our various events (including camps, class trips, athletic sports etc.) will require vaccination and we will need evidence of this before the event takes place from the 16th of November (1 dose) and January (2 doses).

Remember: If you are sick, stay home and get tested.

Learning Conferences - Thanks for your support of these. Latest information shows that we actually had 85% attendance at these. This is part of our reporting (along with SeeSaw, so keep checking it). Our progress reports in reading, writing and maths will be emailed out to every family in December. :-)

Class Placements - This is a challenge every year, please understand that we do need your support with this and we will do everything we can to get these right. The last day to get information to us that may be useful in these placements is the 12th of November (remember we can offer no guarantees). Once final placements are made and announced, we do not make any changes. This is because it puts us back at square one!

Class breakdown - We will start with 14 classes, with an age range of no more than 16 months (this is only likely in one or two cases). We will have the following number of classes:

  • 3 x new entrant/Yr1 i.e., Some students will turn six toward the end of 2022

  • 3 x Yr1/Yr2 i.e., Some students will turn seven during 2022

  • 4 Yr 3/4 i.e., Students turning 8 or 9 during 2022 (with maybe a couple of the older Yr 2 students from 2021 also)

  • 4 Yr 5/6 i.e., Students turning 10 or 11 during 2022 (with maybe a couple of the older Yr 3 students from 2021 also)

Thanks everyone - have a wonderful week.

Isaac Day


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