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Principal Blog - Week 2 Term 1 (Preparing for Omicron)

Kia ora koutou.

As many of you are aware, schools have been asked to prepare for the Omicron outbreak. This update provides you with some of our preparation (Given there is some things we may not be able to plan for) and is highlighting that we will be needing to set up a 'Hybrid' learning model where each teaching and learning team is set up for onsite AND at home learning. There are some examples and scenarios provided for those of you interested. There are also links provided on the newsletter for the official information. In short, things could change at short notice and we may have to have some (or in extreme cases, all) students learn from home for a period of time.

The video was intended to be short, but ended up quite long :-(. It may be quicker just to read the info! The link to the special update is included here. This update covers:

  • Reminder about Public Health requirements

  • Communication - Update your details (and how our system works)

  • “Hybrid” learning approach

  • Encouraging whanau to undertake a risk assessment

  • Things are likely to change at short notice

  • Conflicting information coming from school and contact tracers.

  • Case assessment, testing and isolation.

  • Vaccination


As always, if you would like to contact me, do so through the school office and I will call you back as soon as I can.

Isaac Day - Principal

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