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ESG Community Update 22/04/2020

Kia ora koutou

Just a quick update from me around the Alert Level 3 information. This one is about the school reopening and to put a friendly face (or an ugly mug - whichever option you prefer! :-D) to the letter we sent out this morning. Please remember that this about students who NEED to be at school (i.e., Families who do not have support for their children in their extended bubbles, are completely unable to learn from home, or where both parents are essential workers). Please remember that Government advice is to; one - stay home, and two - work and learn from home if you can.

I will get information out to the families of students who need to be here by Tuesday next week.

My grateful thanks to you all during this time for your patience with us, and for working so hard to support your children's learning.


Isaac Day - Principal

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