Our Learning Lenses



Our ‘Learning Lenses’ help us to implement our School’s VISION.  We work hard with our students to develop these principles on which we want to base our wonderful School. 

Below is a short explanation of each lens.


This about us embracing our differences.  We should celebrate diversity, treasure ourselves, our uniqueness and that of others.  The graphic represents people of different sizes, shapes and colours ‘high fiving’ and enjoying each other’s company.  The figure at the bottom has arms up and feel excited about joining in and being made to feel welcomed by others.


Uniting is about being together, forging relationships through communication and meaningful connection to others.  This is about being compassionate and fair and recognising that to be part of a group, we need to give more than we take.  Our graphic shows everyone uniting individually (one on one), collectively (in groups) and globally (as the whole human race) around the Earth (in this case, represented by Papatuanuku).

Whanau Tapatahi

This is about recognising who we are and where we come from.  Finding our place in the future through honouring our past, our culture and looking at how we contribute.  We have represented this through showing Te Tai Ihu (The prow of Maui’s waka) and Te Wheki (the Octopus) wrapping its tentacles around the waka, symbolising safety and security.  The head of the Octopus points to our location at the top of Waipounamu, The South Island.

Te Wairua Pono

Being for us is about how we choose to act.  It means looking at how 'I' choose to behave and means living with integrity through our attitudes, showing resilience, being honest and trustworthy, while also having compassion and faith in others.  Therefore, this graphic shows the figure with their hand on their hearts.


This allows us to learn as we grow, through providing opportunities for curiosity, inquiry, creativity and fun in our learning.  While we grow, we should demonstrate growing competence, achievement and reflection in our learning.  Our large fern frond (Koru) demonstrates this.

Growing brings all of these lenses together, it is the lens that encompasses all of the others.