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Enrolment from within our school 'zone' (see map below)
Before we can process your enrolment, we need some details from you.  These include your child's age, date of birth, learning and development information and also your address. 

We also require original birth certificate and immunisation records (we take a copy of these).  We also have an enrolment scheme, which means that if you are out of our zone, you need to apply for a place at our school (see map below).  For this reason, we do not accept emailed or posted enrolment forms, we would rather meet with you and your child face to face.


Visit this page for information regarding enrolment from outside our school zone.

The links on this page should help you out, and if you require more information, please use the form below.




Isaac Day


To request more information:

Contact the School Office

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You can also request more information with this form:

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